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7 Heron St, SF CA

Hours and appointments vary by exhibition, please check the specific event listing.

Exhibition Series

Mars Molecule @ Miami Project

Mario Martinez (Mars-1)

December 1st-6th @ Miami Project
The Pool @ The Deauville Beach Resort
6701 Collins Ave, Miami

Heron Arts presents three nine foot sculptures from Mario Martinez. The Mars Molecule Project will be on view around the beachfront pool at The Deauville Beach Resort, as part of Miami Project.

Made in Berkeley, California at the Artworks Foundry, Martinez utilized a mixture of modern and ancient techniques in order to create the 9-foot, 2500-5000 lb. bronze sculptures. Two of the sculptures are reminiscent of molecules, while the third takes on the shape of a torus energy field. Each sculpture took three to four months to create. They were first designed using 3-D printing, then transformed into the sculptures you see here using an ancient lost wax technique, pre-dating the Bronze Age (3,700 B.C.E.). The sculpture was welded from 70 distinct pieces, each ranging 2-3 feet in size. Part of the intent in showing the work in this kind of location is to encourage a dialogue around placing sculptures in and around San Francisco.

Each sculpture has a very detailed design inspired by sacred geometry and the ancient language of hieroglyphics. The designs are meant to invite the viewer to look inside the hollow sculptures and connect with themselves and ancient worlds before us that can be experienced today. This juxtaposition of old and new informs the object experientially, simultaneously couched in the past and present. The pieces playfully straddle the mental and material realms, calling upon ancient artifacts and civilizations for inspiration.