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7 Heron St, SF CA

Hours and appointments vary by exhibition, please check the specific event listing.

Exhibition Series

The Detroiter

Inner State Gallery

Opens Saturday July 30th, 4pm-12am
Showing August 18th-19th from 3-7pm
Gallery Hours by appointment

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Inner State Gallery​ is proud to announce The Detroiter,​ a unique collaboration with Heron Arts ​opening July 30th​ in San Francisco. Featuring a vast breadth of artists with ties to Detroit, the exhibition includes artists currently living and working in Detroit, expatriate Detroit artists from around the globe, as well as select artists from the Bay Area who take inspiration from Detroit's unique visual landscape. On top of over 50 visual artists, the exhibition will also include a showcase from Ghostly International ​produced by Detroit's trendsetting Movement Electronic Music Festival, ​bringing the rich musical history of Detroit to San Francisco with performances from Matthew Dear, Shigeto, Lusine, and Christopher Willits.

Visual artworks will be on display by: Andrew Krieger, April Armand, Ben Saginaw, Brett Amory, Camilo Pardo, Clinton Snider, Dabls, Dan Armand, Derek Weisberg, Dessislava Terzieva, Eddie Colla, Ellen Rutt, FEL3000ft, Glenn Barr, Graham White, Jeremy Harvey, Jerry Vile, Jesse Kassel, John Dunivant, Jonny Alexander, Julian Spradlin, Lauren Harrington, Lucien Shapiro, Mark Arminski, Mark Sarmel, Matt Eaton, Matt Gordon, Michelle Tanguay, Monica Canilao, Nick Jaskey, NNII, Ouizi, Pat Perry, Patrick Ethen, Paul Johnson, Paula Schubatis, Paula Zammit, Peter Adamyan, Rashaun Rucker, Ron Zakrin, Ryan Doyle, Scott Hocking, Shaun Roberts, Stephanie Buer, Sydney James, Tiff Massey, Tom Thewes, Tylonn Sawyer, Vaughn Taormina, Eugene Watson.

Located in the heart of Detroit's historic Eastern Market district, Inner State Gallery has produced nearly 100 exhibitions around the world from Detroit to Mexico, Miami, Vienna and beyond. With a deep understanding and knowledge of the past three decades of the core creative spirit of Detroit, the team at Inner State presents a wide spectrum of art spanning countless disciplines and genres.

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