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7 Heron St, SF CA

Currently open only for exhibition hours and by appointment. We require masks for entry and limit capacity to ensure safe social distancing.

Community Series

Rising Tides

Erik Otto

Thursday September 25th 2014, 7-11pm

Heron Arts hosted the VSCO Artist Initiative in their presentation of Rising Tides, a solo show from multi-disciplinary San Francisco artist Erik Otto.

"The space was a spectacular setting for Erik's mixed media display, and he and his team did a wonderful job of setting the mood with sculptures, paintings, music, lights, and more. A large chandelier hung centrally from the ceiling which included neon, burned wood, and LED lights that resembled stars. There was also an infinity mirror with neon lights that welcomed photos on the back patio. With live music showcasing six local DJs during the event, including acclaimed musician Deru, Erik even designed a DJ booth specifically crafted to house the musicians, turntables, and supplies with his own light projections displayed above the pedestal. Guests were invited to immerse themselves within the space, and the resulting vibe of the event was electric."

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