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7 Heron St, SF CA

Currently open only for exhibition hours and by appointment. We require masks for entry and limit capacity to ensure safe social distancing.



The Community Series is dedicated to the development and support of the local arts scene in San Francisco, via presentation of artists and collectives with strong ties to the region. Directed by owner Mark Slee, this series leverages the gallery space as a shared resource, bringing people together around noteworthy creative work in our city. The series spans a broad range, from traditional fine arts to musical performances and production work.

Zai Divecha, Nicole Sweeney, Anastasia Tumanova, Alice Wiese
October 26th 2019
Sounds of 7: Celestial
September 27th 2019
2-Day Rental
The Beehive Society
September 13th 2019
Sorry, I'm Not Home
Sophie Darling
September 6th 2019
Incandescent Body
July 26th 2019
A Few Facets: Furniture Senior Show
CCA Furniture Design Program
May 17th 2019
OFS Annual Gala: Storytelling
One Found Sound
April 6th 2019
Chapter 3: Recollection
One Found Sound
February 8th 2019
Chapter 2: Divergence
One Found Sound
December 7th 2018
Chapter 1: Kinship
One Found Sound
September 29th 2018
Strange Objekt: Furniture Senior Show
CCA Furniture Design Program
May 11th 2018
5th Birthday Bash Gala
One Found Sound
April 27th 2018
Bond and Art: Shaken and Stirred
Akira Tana & The Secret Agent Band, Elizabeth Tana
April 15th 2018
A Major Carnival
One Found Sound
February 9th 2018
Saturnalia Regalia
One Found Sound
December 8th 2017
Winter is Here: Art Show & Market
The Beehive Society
December 1st 2017
Sci-fi Noir Art Show
Patreon & Time Beards
June 9th 2017
On Your Mark
CCA Furniture Design Program
May 6th 2017
LUX: OFS's 3rd Annual Gala
One Found Sound
April 29th 2017
Treat Avenue Studios
April 15th 2017
One Found Sound Season 4:3
One Found Sound
February 3rd 2017
Beasts Of Hogwarts
The Beehive Society
December 10th 2016
One Found Sound Season 4:2
One Found Sound
December 9th 2016
Christopher Tignor Live, Bok Joy Closing Night
Christian Joy, Christopher Tignor
November 27th 2016
Farewell San Francisco: A Restrospective
Spencer Keeton Cunningham
October 8th 2016
No Touching: Arrested Development Art Show
The Beehive Society
July 15th 2016
One Found Sound Gala 2.0
One Found Sound
April 1st 2016
I Am This Motorcycle
Jean-Philippe Defaut
February 19th 2016
Souls of San Francisco × Earmilk
Dijon Bowden
January 23rd 2016
One Found Sound 3/2
One Found Sound
December 11th 2015
100 × 2
Zhen Zeng, Reina Takahashi
October 23rd 2015
C0un7Ry s1n9ER
Dmitri Cherniak
September 26th 2015
Could Ever Be True
Crashing Hotels
June 13th 2015
OFS Gala No. 1
One Found Sound
May 22nd 2015
Nailed It
CCA Furniture Design Program
May 8th 2015
Porsche Mural
Jonathan Matas
April 27th 2015
A Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast
Daniel Chen, Vicci Jang
January 24th 2015
Issue 004 & 005 Photography Show
43 Magazine
December 16th 2014
San Francisco V
October 4th 2014
Rising Tides
Erik Otto
September 25th 2014
Self Portrait
Elle Luna
June 6th 2014