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7 Heron St, SF CA

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Culture Series

discrete figures

Rhizomatiks Research x ELEVENPLAY

April 19th-21st, 8pm
Gray Area Theater, 2665 Mission St

Celebrating Gray Area’s 10 year anniversary programming art & technology, we invite you to join us in supporting our largest production in the Grand Theater to date co-presented by Heron Arts, The Japan Foundation, and tickets available on Up All Night. Presenting the United States Premiere of ‘discrete figures’ a new dance technology performance by artist Daito Manabe’s Rhizomatiks and Choreographer Mikiko's Elevenplay, in collaboration with artist Kyle McDonald.

Inspired by Alan Turing, their newest performance marries choreography for five dancers with machine learning technology and a stage designed for interactivity between performers, drones, virtual dancers and other objects.

An expansive multidisciplinary collaboration between mathematicians, dancers, media artists, composers, and engineers, this complex experimental performance is truly the first of its kind. This performance probes the circuitry connecting the corporeal to the cognitive, questioning the very essence of humanity and machine.

Production Credits Cast: ELEVENPLAY
Stage Direction | Choreography: MIKIKO
Artistic Direction | Music: Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks Research)
Technical Direction | Hardware Engineering: Motoi Ishibashi (Rhizomatiks Research)
Machine learning Direction: Kyle McDonald
Machine learning: Yuta Asai (Rhizomatiks Research)
Projection System | Software Engineering: Yuya Hanai (Rhizomatiks Research)
Visualization: Satoshi Horii (Rhizomatiks Research)
Visualization: You Tanaka (Rhizomatiks Research)
Videographer: Muryo Homma (Rhizomatiks Research)
Stage Engineering: Momoko Nishimoto (Rhizomatiks Research)
Production management: Yoko Shiraiwa (ELEVENPLAY), Nozomi Yamaguchi (Rhizomatiks Research), Ayumi Ota (Rhizomatiks Research), Rina Watanabe (Rhizomatiks Research)
Production: Rhizomatiks co., ltd.

Daito Manabe and Rhizomatiks Research have worked with Björk, Squarepusher, Ryuichi Sakamoto 坂本龍一 and Perfume and collaborated extensively with Nosaj Thing.

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