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Dennis McNett

Friday November 3rd, 5-10pm
Gallery Hours Saturday 11a-4p thru November 25th

Heron Arts and Noise Pop are proud to announce HALLOWOLFBAT, the installation, exhibition and experience by Dennis McNett (Wolfbat). For its 5th year, HALLOWOLFBAT makes a West Coast debut at Heron Arts alongside musical acts High on Fire and more. Philadelphia based artist Dennis McNett will transform the interior of Heron Arts with his signature colors and linework, featuring 6-10 foot mythical creatures against psychedelic landscapes, with puppets coming alive and interacting with the crowd. Outside the gallery, Heron Street will be closed off to feature epic musical performances by High On Fire and more. See things conjured, sacrificed and monumental battles unfold to the sweet sound of metal. The opening reception is on Friday, November 3rd from 5-10pm. From 5-7pm the art exhibition will be free and open to the public. Musical performances are ticketed from 7pm-10pm.

Dennis McNett, aka Wolfbat, is a well known illustrator, print maker, woodworker, and spectacle creator. His installations explore folklore, mythology and the supernatural, using his signature color palette and style of linework. The artist looks deep into the unknown while harping from traditional tattoo imagery, making creepy creatures feel antiquated and legendary. McNett has an uncanny ability to transform a space into one of his dungeons of relic and relish with puppets coming to life, taunting and teasing the audience. The artist’s installation interacts with his viewers, making the HALLOWOLFBAT spectacle enjoyable for young and old.