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Exhibition Series

Ass Kicking Contest

Wayne White, Woodrow White

Closing Saturday August 8th, 12-4pm

Heron Arts is pleased to present the inaugural exhibition and immersive experience from the compulsory creative, Wayne White. Exhibiting alongside Wayne will be his son, artist Woodrow White. For the first time ever, the artist brings his beloved aesthetic to San Francisco with an interactive installation, his signature word paintings, and works on paper. This is the first show of a quarterly series under the programming direction of curators Tova Lobatz and Noah Antieau.

The focal point of Ass Kicking Contest will be White's 15-foot larger than life kinetic puppet sculptures, consuming the majority of Heron Arts' 3500 square foot space. The hand-cut sculptures crafted out of cardboard were engineered by the artist in an effort to reconnect with his early pedigree as a puppeteer and set designer for Pee-wee's Playhouse. White rarely has the opportunity to work this big. He enjoys the process due to both the physical aspect of working with materials larger than his body, as well as the opportunity it provides to transform his visions into two-story creations that turn people's heads. The puppets take center stage and will be animated by the artist throughout the evening.

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