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Exhibition Series

Perpetual Motion

Contemporary Interpretations of Fine Art Automata

Saturday April 16th, 6-9pm

Weds-Sat 3-7pm, thru May 14th

Heron Arts is pleased to present a group show of eleven national and international contemporary artists who create figurative, kinetic sculptures in the pursuit of compelling narratives. This will be the first gallery exhibition of contemporary fine art automata in the United States. Curated by Heron Arts director Noah Antieau and Atlanta-based automata artist Tom Haney, exhibiting artists were chosen based on their craftsmanship and lifetime dedication to this artistic medium. Exhibiting artists include: David Archer (AUS), Chris Fitch (USA), Nemo Gould (USA), Tom Haney (USA), Thomas Kuntz (USA), Pat Keck (USA), Richard Landon (USA), Paul Spooner (UK), and husband and wife collaborators Dean Lucker and Ann Wood (USA). Alongside the eleven automata artists will be San Francisco-based painter, David Marc Grant and his playful landscapes featuring smoke stacks and machinery. Through his work Grant opens a dialogue on geopolitical issues with colorful landscapes, structures and technology drawn from ideas of various utopian and dystopian fictions, drawing influences from the constructivist/supremacist movement, Persian miniaturists, op, pop, advertising, comics, science fiction films, and contemporary low-brow.

Made from a multitude of materials and encompassing a wide set of skills from sculpture and painting to mechanics and engineering, the selected artists create work that depicts human and animal figures in animated motion to achieve moving vignettes. This group of artists maintains an aesthetic of nostalgia while presenting contemporary subject matter.

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